Spread Offense Run Plays – Creating Open Running Lanes for the Quarterback

An important part of implementing spread offense run plays is having an athletic Quarterback (QB) who can run read option plays. The fundamentals of the read option have been previously discussed at length in our series of articles called Read Option… Continue Reading


Spread Offense Run Plays – Using the Quarterback as a Running Option

A big part of many spread offense run plays involve using the Quarterback (QB) as a running option. This enables the offense to gain an extra number in the run game, and also increase the amount of defenders in conflict.… Continue Reading


Spread Offense Run Plays – Using Condensed Sets to Attack the Defense

One dominant philosophy when running the football in the spread offense is to align in 3 or 4 receiver sets to spread the field. This allows for light 6 man boxes and opens up the read option game, where 5… Continue Reading