Misdirection Football Plays – Using Bunch Formations to Manipulate the Defense

The use of misdirection football plays in the form of trick plays and reverses can prove to be an effective way of confusing and moving defences to open up space for easy gains and scoring opportunities. The use of bunch… Continue Reading


Spread Offense Run Plays – Creating Open Running Lanes for the Quarterback

An important part of implementing spread offense run plays is having an athletic Quarterback (QB) who can run read option plays. The fundamentals of the read option have been previously discussed at length in our series of articles called Read Option… Continue Reading


How to Run a Spread Offense – Keeping it Simple

One of the key aspects to running a spread offense is sticking to the rules on each play in order to keep it simple and make the game easier for your offense. Common sense plays a huge role in attacking… Continue Reading


Read Option Football (Spread Series) – The “Gift” Route

In a previous article, we reviewed adding screens to read option plays. In this article, we will discuss the “gift” route, another piece that can be added to a read option with a screen pass. Most casual viewers might assume… Continue Reading