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Welcome to Move the Chains, a site dedicated to analyzing and discussing offensive football. If you are reading this then you and I share the same passion for this wonderful game. I hope the content published on this site does not disappoint. Below is a brief backstory about myself, why I created this site and the goal of the site.


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I first discovered American Football quite late in life (relatively speaking). I was 15 and my best friend had phoned me to come over and play this awesome game he had just bought. Naturally I raced over to quell my curiosity and that’s where I first laid eyes on the video game that would change my life. On the cover was a man dressed in a green uniform wearing a helmet and pads, which at the time I thought was quite odd, holding a football. Most of you probably know already that the game I am referring to is Madden 06 (and for the maths whizzes out there, you can now deduce my age haha!). That game was my first exposure to the sport and it was truly captivating. The very next day I bought my own copy of the game and that same year I joined a local American Football club.

I played for 3 years and then I got into coaching, of course this still just at a local level which is akin to the high school level but with FAR less organization and training. Along with a couple of fellow coaches I came to a realization that no one in the league really knew what they were doing. There was a very basic understanding of the game and schemes but not much more than that. It just seemed like all the knowledge and ideas were passed down from one coach to another and no one ever tried to go out and find new information or come up with new ideas. By this time Australia’s internet infrastructure (it’s still at a terribly low standard compared to other developed nations) had improved and the light bulb finally switched on, “why don’t I use the internet to access coaching resources?”

From that point I have invested a lot of time and money into coaching resources to develop my knowledge of the game. I have built a nice library of coaching videos and books over many years. Developing this knowledge allowed me to take my eyes off the ball when watching games and I was able to identify what plays the teams were running live, which is a far more enjoyable way to watch the game. I have also worked with a handful of people that have gone through our local club and have gone on to play in Div 1 and 2 college football but in no way do I take any credit whatsoever for their success.


Just like most coaches and football enthusiasts I like to discuss football. I enjoy sharing or imparting knowledge. I’m sure you know the feeling of wanting to constantly discover new things, well I share that same feeling. Despite all the resources I’ve bought and the time I have invested my level of football knowledge is like a drop in the ocean. I’m hoping this website will act as a stimulus to help myself and others develop new knowledge about this amazing game.


The goal of Move the Chains is a simple one, to act as a source of information where football coaches and enthusiasts can develop knowledge about, and discuss, the game. I have never created a website before so this is a completely new journey for myself, one where I have completely no idea where it will lead. Hopefully it will allow me to connect with new people, I look forward to discussing this great game with you.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






  1. Very well done Tristan. Your website looks professional and seems very informative. Best of Luck with it and I hope you get to meet heaps of new people through it so you can share ideas and concepts and learn from each other.

  2. Hi,

    Love your information. I noticed you haven’t posted in a while. Look forward to your next post

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Thank you for your comment, we are very happy that you are finding our information useful (to be honest we weren’t sure if anyone was actually reading the articles so it’s a nice surprise).

      Unfortunately we became very busy during the last 6 months of 2018 with work and other commitments. However, if you’re interested in seeing more of our content, we did manage to publish an e-book. The book analyses interesting plays from every game during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season. It only costs a few dollars. Just use this link:


      Of course, we would love to be publishing more content. It’s just been a little difficult to find time between work and university. However, you can expect to see some new posts at the end of April and during May this year.

      Thanks again for getting in touch. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

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